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The Importance Of Collar Stays


Collars, without a shadow of a doubt are the most prominent part of shirts, be it of any style (casual or formal). Therefore, it is of utmost importance to take into consideration its style and shape when buying a shirt. Imagine, if you get an exquisitely designed shirt with a poor quality collar, how would it look? Quite awful, won’t it?

That being said, let’s move on to “collar stays”. For those of you who are not acquainted with this term, here’s a concise explanation! Collar stays are basically a small piece of plastic present underneath the collars to prevent them from being crumpled of curling upwards (when worn). They are also referred to “Collar bones” in some places.


Importance of Collar Stays

The importance of having proper and crisp collar stays on your shirts cannot be denied. Despite being invisible to the eye, you can see the impact it creates. It can either improve or destroy the overall appearance of the shirt (depending on how it is).

Moreover, one of the most important and obvious reasons for having a collar stay is that it keeps the shape of your collar intact. Without it, the collar would be curling in and out, thus making a mess of your appearance as well as the shirt’s. Another important function of collar stays is that it prevents the collar from getting crumpled. Regardless of the condition of your shirt, the collar will always remain crisp and crumple-free.


Collar Stays and Style

A collar stay also has a lot to offer when it comes to style and fashion. For example, when wearing a tie, a collar stay will do you a world of good. It ensures that the collar remains flat and its ends sufficiently tucked in, thus adding more style and class to your appearance. Without it, the entire collar would roll outwards resulting in a sloppy look. Furthermore, some collar stays provide more space in between for people who prefer a bigger tie knot. So that’s an added advantage!

Nowadays, with the emerging trend of untucked shirts, sewn-in collar stays can be quite beneficial. Most young people are inclined to wear shirts with their collars completely erect (opened) for a cool-boy look. Now this surely cannot be achieved without a crisp collar stay. It is because the collar is just a normal piece of soft cloth without a stay. So it needs some support to stand erect and collar stays are an excellent way of providing the needed support.


Types of Collar Stays

When it comes to collar stays, there are a number of options you can choose from according to your preference, fashion sense, budget, convenience and so. That being said, here are some popular types of collar stays worn by men:


Plastic Collar Stays

This is probably the most common type of collar stays used both by manufacturers and general public. Simply because it goes with most types of dress shirts and is relatively cheap too. You can get a big bag of these as low as $12. However, everything has its pros and cons, so does plastic. Generally, plastic collars are quite light and therefore may not stay well on the dress shirt (depending on the fabric).


Stainless Steel Collar Stays

Well this is another fantastic choice for collar stays, although a bit expensive. These are quite rigid and sturdy in comparison to the previous one, hence giving your collar a very crisp look (something that everyone desires). Moreover, you also have the option of personalizing the design, steel quality and size of the collar stays.  So if budget is not an issue, then this indeed is the best choice.


Gold Collar Stays

It is by far the most expensive, yet spectacular type of collar stays available in the market. You don’t often see a person wearing a gold one and this exactly what makes it so unique and something to behold. Interestingly, these can also be used as an inheritance given to your children or perhaps as an investment, in case the of an economy crisis.


Brass Collar Stays

These collar stays are more or less like steel, with the only exception being the material (used for making it) i.e. brass. So if you prefer something more unique and classic or just for a change, brass collar stays are a pretty good option.


Other Types

There other types of collar stays made from different materials such as sterling silver, high quality metal, peal, etc. However, the use of these collar stays is not as prevalent as the previous ones due to many factors such as unavailability or so.


The Bottom Line On Collar stays!

All in all, collar stays have become a pivotal dress shirt accessory. It also not provides support in maintaining the collar’s shape but also add a fair amount of style and attraction to the shirt’s overall look. So always make sure you wear a proper one!






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