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Look Slimmer With The Right Dress Shirt


In this day and age, “love handles” are commonly seen in men. In case you’re not acquainted with this term, here’s a brief explanation. It’s basically a layer of excess fat hanging just above the hips (waistline). As much as you detest love handles, you inevitably end up getting it, unless you’re a regular gym goer.

Love handles can have an awful effect when it comes to dressing and wearing improper shirts just makes matters worse. For example, if an overweight person chooses to a wear a baggy dress shirt, it would exaggerate his already big body parts (waist, stomach) and would lead to a sloppy and poor appearance. Now you surely wouldn’t want to be in this sort of situation, or will you?

This brings us to the all important question: What must an overweight person do to look attractive? The simplest answer is to dress sensibly. Now if you happen to be someone with inadequate knowledge of proper clothing styles, this may get a quite difficult and baffling. So to ease your quandary, here’s some useful information on dressing correctly:


Wear the Right Dress Shirt

This point is of paramount importance. Wearing the right dress shirt will not only add tremendous style to your appearance but will also aid in making your “overweight aspect” less noticeable. One common clothing misconception when it comes to fat men is the bigger the better. This is absolutely wrong! Loose-fitting shirts may succeed in concealing fat body parts, but not your overall size. Plus it offers seemingly nothing when it comes to style and fashion.

That being said, slim fit dress shirts are by far the best option for men. It gives an illusion of a slimmer and attractive body, hence the name. Moreover, it uses your size to your advantage by giving you a muscular look (something women love and other men dread).

Nowadays, untucked dress shirts are in vogue. These shirts are probably exactly what overweight men need to wear in order to reflect style and smartness. One of the major benefits of untucked shirts is their impeccable fit. They have been tailored in such a way that it lies perfectly on your body and gives that all-aspiring V look from the back.

One important point to keep in mind when buying an untucked dress is the fit. It should fit you perfectly. You don’t want it to be extra tight because it will then make your bulges more noticeable. Similarly, it shouldn’t be too loose otherwise it will destroy the shirt’s style. So be fastidious!


Dress Shirt Color Is Important!

Another important factor that contributes towards giving you a slimmer look is the shirt’s color. Unfortunately, its importance is underemphasized by most people. If you too happen to be one of them, then it’s high time you realize the importance of color and the effect it has on your appearance.

Dark colors such as navy blue, black and grey facilitate in giving your body a slimmer look, plus are quite attractive as well. No wonder you get to see every other man wearing black. Avoid bright colors such as yellow, pink and white because it tends to exaggerate your body a bit.


Dress Shirt Design

You are probably thinking that what design has to do with looking thin. According to research, the designs on your shirts have a substantial impact on your overall appearance. You must have seen men wearing dress shirts with vertical stripes. Ever wondered why? This is simply because vertical stripes divert people’s attention downwards (due to their design), as opposed to horizontal stripes which focuses on width (the last thing overweight people would want).

Moreover, it’s always good to wear shirts with relatively small design patterns because it gives an illusion of a fit body. Logically speaking, big design patterns imply width and therefore, give your body a wider look.  So, it makes sense to opt for smaller patterns.


Avoid This Collar Type

This aspect may not be as influencing as the others, but it definitely helps a bit. Avoid collars that tend to hide the length of your neck because it makes you look fat somewhat!


Dress Shirt Material

The last thing overweight men would want is to wear a dress shirt made from a thick and heavy fabric. This will only make you appear fatter and more uncomfortable. So thick fabric is definitely a big NO!


Bottom Line!

If you want to look slim and smart, then you will have to follow the above points strictly. That said designer untucked shirts are the most ideal option for everyone, regardless of body size. They are designed specifically to exhibit an attractive and slimmer look. If you have never ever worn one, it’s highly recommended. You will truly be amazed at not only how slim you appear in it, but also at the number of eyes you’ll get rolling.





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