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We get a lot of questions from “What size is right for me” to “Should I Wash or Dry Clean?” and everything in between.   Here you’ll find answers to the most frequently asked of those questions.  

If you can’t find an answer here, please contact us at support@verzari.com and we'll get back to you within 24hours.


How Can You Offer A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee?

Easy. We want you to be happy with your purchase and will do anything to make your online shopping experience a pleasant one.   Verzari sells ONLY the finest designer shirts and ONLY online so keeping our customers happy is top priority.


What Is Your Return Policy?

We believe shopping online should be a worry free experience. We are happy to accept returns/exchanges anytime within the first 30 days. The full details of our return policy is listed on our Returns & Exchanges page.


Why Are Your Shirts Inexpensive? Am I Missing Something?

Simple. We don't have the overhead like the high end brands and retailers. Actually, the materials, fabrics, and craftmanship that goes into our shirts is better than what you will find at high end stores like Nordstroms, Saks, and Neiman Marcus. Our advantage is that we sell purely online only and pass those savings to the customer.


These Are Unique Patterns..Who Is The Designer?

Thanks for noticing! Each shirt is truly one of a kind. We have a team of fashion forward designers whose only job is to make beautiful designs. They first sketch out every shirt in detail like a piece of art and then pass it along to the master tailors who put it all together one stitch at a time.


What Are Are Your Shirts Made Out Of?

Most all of our shirts are made of 100% premium cotton fabrics. But keep in mind there are different types of cotton and we use only the finest at Verzari. Our shirts not only look great but feel even better against your skin. The fabrics are versatile, soft, and just so very comfortable. Click here to learn more about our shirts.


What If I Get My Shirt And It Doesn't Fit?

No problem. One of the most important things with a designer shirt is the fit.  Feel free to to exchange it for the proper size but keep in mind all Verzari shirts are limited runs so the size you want may not be in stock. If thats the case, you can exchange it for another shirt, a full refund or store credit. The full details of our exchange policy is listed on our Returns & Exchanges page.


What Is The Difference Between Verzari And Other Top Designer Shirt Brands?

The price and quality! Our prices are lower than many of the top designers like Robert Graham, Givenchy, Kenzo and more. Next is quality. We studied these brands closely and their clothing is not made out of gold so we are not sure why they charge hundreds of dollars for one shirt. Verzari uses better materials, fabrics and every one of our shirts is handcrafted. We don't mass produce our shirts.


Why Do You Use Stainless Steel Collar Stays?

It goes back to quality. We could use plastic but why? The men who buy high end designer shirts want to look stylish. A great designer shirt looks terrible with a bent, limpy collar and our custom made stainless steel collar stays ensures your Verzari shirt collars will look perfect all the time!


Are The Stainless Steel Collar Stays Included With Every Shirt?

Yes. Every shirt you purchase comes standard with a set of removable stainless steel collar stays. These are not your ordinary collar stays. They have rounded corners, no rough edges, polished finish, and are strong and lightweight. These stainless steel collar stays normally sell for $9.95 a set but you get them included for free with each shirt purchase.


Should I Wash Or Dry Clean? Will They Shrink?

We take the effor to pre-shrink our shirt fabrics so you don’t have to worry, but always expect minimal shrinkage.   So try your shirt on before washing.  If it fits, then either hang dry or dry clean (you choose).  If the shirt feels a little bigger than you’d prefer (or you’d like it slightly shorter) then simply wash and machine dry and voila!  If too small, consider a larger size.  The general ‘rules of thumb’ around shirt shrinkage are as follows


  • Dry-clean: No shrinkage
  • Machine wash / Hang Dry: Shirt will shrink ever so slightly
  • Machine wash / tumble dry: Shirt will shrink ~0.75 inches in length and width